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CIHR Skin Research Training Centre
Skin Cancer Biology Lab

Skin Cancer Biology Lab

This laboratory is dedicated to understanding the molecular mechanisms behind the development of skin cancers. We are investigating exactly what happens at the molecular level when a skin lesion or growth becomes cancerous. Which genes are being turned on or turned off? Why does the growth pattern become disordered? Why it is invasive? By knowing which genes are functioning abnormally in skin cancer, we are also determining new targets for innovative therapies of metastatic melanoma, an advanced cancer which responds poorly to conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Cases of melanoma that are not detected early enough cannot be cured by surgery, and the five-year survival rate drops to less than 50%. Unfortunately melanoma is very resistant to conventional cancer therapies, and therefore the laboratory is looking at a number of strategies to get melanoma to respond to systemic therapy. To date we have had success in identifying new target molecules and genes for treating malignant melanoma.



Dr. Kevin McElwee (acting)


Vancouver General Hospital Research Pavilion, The Skin Care Centre, BC Cancer Research Centre


Anand Kumar
Jing Lu
Madhuri Bhandaru  


Yabin Cheng
Shahram Khosravi
Reza Safaee Ardekani
Parvin Yenki
Cecilia Sjoestroem
Philip Tang  


Tissue microarray, Host-cell-reactivation assay, apoptosis assays, adenovirus, molecular cloning, immunofluorescence, Flow cytometry, DNA sequencing


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