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CIHR Skin Research Training Centre
Affiliated Mentors: Dr. Mu Chiao
Mu Chiao, PhD
Associate Professor
Canada Research Chair in MEMS and Nanotechnology for Biomedical Devices

Tel: 604-822-4902
Fax: 604-822-2403
Website: http://mech.ubc.ca/mu-chiao/
Email: muchiao@mech.ubc.ca


B.S, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Ph.D, UC-Berkeley, USA

Awards and honors

2006 Young Innovator Award, BC Innovation Council

Grant Support

Canada Foundation for Innovation
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Canadian Institutes of Health Research
British Columbia Knowledge Development Fund

Research interest

MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical Systems); Micro energy sources for MEMS; Nanoscience.
Current Research Work:
Fabrication and packaging of MEMS for biological applications

Current lab members

H. Mansoor (PhD studnent)
K. Chen (Master student)
F. Khademolhosseini (PhD student)
P. Zachkani (Master student)
P. Pournazari (Undergraduate student)

Selected recent publications

  1. C.P.L. Wan, J Jackson, N Pirmoradi, M. Chiao, B. Burt, “Increased accumulation and retention of micellar paclitaxel in drug sensitive and P-glycoprotein expressing cell lines following ultrasound exposure”, Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, v38(5), pp. 736-744, 2012
  2. H. Mansoor, H. Zeng, K. Chen, Y. Yu, J. Zhao, and Mu Chiao, “Vertical optical sectioning using a magnetically driven confocal microscanner aimed for in vivo clinical imaging,” Optics Express, v19, pp. 25161-25172, 2011
  3. F. N. Pirmoradi, J. Jackson, H. Burt and M. Chiao, “A magnetically controlled MEMS device for drug delivery: design, fabrication, and testing”, Lab on a Chip, v11(18), pp. 3072 – 3080, 2011
  4. J. K. Jackson, F.N. Pirmoradi, Chung-Ping Leon Wan, Tung Siu, Mu Chiao and Helen M. Burt, “Increased accumulation of paclitaxel and doxorubicin in proliferating capillary cells and prostate cancer cells following ultrasound exposure”, Ultrasonics, Vol 51, pp. 932-939, 2011
  5. F. N. Pirmoradi, J. Jackson, H. Burt and M. Chiao, “On-demand controlled release of docetaxel from a battery-less MEMS drug delivery device”, Lab on a Chip, v11(16), pp. 2744 – 2752, 2011 (highlighted article)
  6. H. Mansoor, H. Zeng, and M. Chiao, “Real-time non-contact measurement of biological tissue thickness using a micro- fabricated magnetically-driven lens actuator”, Biomedical Microdevices, Vol13 (4), pp. 641-649, 2011
  7. H. Mansoor, H Zeng and M Chiao, “A microfabricated optical scanner for rapid noncontact thickness measurement of transparent films”, Sensors and Actuators A Physical, Vol. 167(1), pp. 91-96, 2011
  8. A. R. Rakhyani, S. Mirrabassi and M. Chiao, “Design and optimization of resonance-based efficient wireless power-delivery systems for biomedical implants”, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems, Vol. 5(1), pp. 48-63, 2011

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