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CIHR Skin Research Training Centre
Affiliated Mentors: Dr. Mieke Koehoorn
Mieke Koehoorn, PhD
Associate Professor
CIHR Research Chair in Gender, Work and Health
School of Population and Public Health
Associate Faculty, Institute for Work & Health

Rm 293, 2206 East Mall
Tel: 604-822-5756
Fax: 604-822-4994
Website: http://www.spph.ubc.ca/?p2=/modules/hce/faculties/faculty.jsp&fId=29
Email: mieke.koehoorn@ubc.ca


1988 B.Sc, Health Education, Dalhousie University,
1999 Ph.D. Epidemiology, University of British Columbia 

Awards and honors

2008 Dr. Cortlandt J.G. Mackenzie Prize for Excellence in Teaching, School of Public and Population Health, University of British Columbia
2002-2007 Scholar Award, Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research
2007-2012 Senior Scholar Award, Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research
2012-forward British Columbia Lung Association Professorship
2012 Faculty of Medicine Distinguished Achievement Award for Service to the University and the Community, University of British Columbia
2012 Award for Excellence in Mentoring Early Career Faculty, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia

Grant Support

Canadian Institutes of Health Research 
WorkSafe BC
WCB of Manitoba
BC Ferry Services Inc

Research interest

My program of research focuses on current and emerging issues in occupational health, and covers issues related to the surveillance of occupational injury/disease, the epidemiology of occupational injury and disease, and the evaluation of workers' compensation policies. I also have a special interest in developing and linking data to enable cutting-edge research on occupational epidemiology. For surveillance, I am currently involved in research projects investigating the patterns of work-related respiratory conditions such as asthma and mesothelioma. For epidemiology, I am currently involved in research projects investigating the relationship between occupational exposures and cardiovascular disease among emergency workers. And for policy evaluation, I am currently involved in research projects evaluating the effect of industry certification on injury risk in tree-fallers, surgical setting/wait-times on return-to-work, and investigating differences in workers' compensation outcomes by gender/sex.
Many of my projects are part of research partnership with WorkSafeBC, the provincial workers' compensation system, to maximize the use of administrative data for policy relevant research questions Partnership for Work, Health & Safety which I co-lead.  

Current research students

Cheryl Peters, PhD
Amy Hall, PhD
Lois Lochhead, PhD
Jodi Edwards, PhD

Selected recent publications

  1. Koehoorn M, Tamburic L, McLeod CB, Demers PA, Lynd L, Kennedy SM. Population-based surveillance of asthma among workers in British Columbia, Canada. Chronic Diseases in Canada (accepted May 16, 2012). Manuscript#111208. Scheduled Volume 33, number 2 (March 2013).
  2. Koehoorn M, Ostry A, Hossain S, Village J. Injury risk associated with physical demands and school environment characteristics among a cohort of custodial workers. Ergonomics 2011;54(8):767-775.
  3. Koehoorn M, McLeod CB, Fan J, McGrail K, Barer M, Côté P, Hogg-Johnson S. Do private clinics or expedited fees reduce wait- or return-to-work times for injured workers following knee surgery? Healthcare Policy August 2011;7(1):55-67.
  4. Koehoorn M, Xu F, Village J, Trask CM, Teschke KE. Back Injury Trajectories in Heavy Industries: Defining Outcomes for Epidemiological Research. Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, Sept 2010;52(9):908-912.
  5. Trask CM (PhD student), Teschke K, Morrison J, Johnson P, Koehoorn M. Optimising Sampling Strategies: Components of Low-Back EMG Variability in Five Heavy Industries. Occupational and Environmental Medicine Dec 2010;67(12):853-860.
  6. Palin JA (PhD student), Goldner EM, Koehoorn M, Hertzman C. Primary mental health care visits in self-reported data versus provincial administrative records. Health Reports 2011;22(2):41-47.
  7. Ratzlaff C (PhD student), Koehoorn M, Cibere J, Steininger G, Kopec J. Is lifelong knee joint force from work, home and sport related to knee osteoarthritis? International Journal of Rheumatology (accepted May 14th, 2012). Manuscript #584193.
  8. Shandro (PhD student), Koehoorn M, Scoble M, Ostry A, Gobson N, Veiga M. Mental health, cardiovascular disease, and declining economies in British Columbia mining communities. Minerals. Special Issue Safety and Health in Mining 2011;1(1):30-4.
  9. KirkhamT (PhD student), Demers PA, Davies H, Koehoorn M. Characterization of noise and carbon monoxide exposures among professional firefighters in British Columbia. Annals of Occupational Hygiene August 2011;55(7):764-774.
  10. Kling R (MSc student), Yassi A, Smailes E, Lovato C, Koehoorn M. Evaluation of a violence risk assessment system (the Alert System) for reducing violence in an acute hospital: a before and after study. International Journal of Nursing Studies 2011; 48(5):534-539. 

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