Welcome to the CIHR Skin Research Training Centre Department of Dermatology and Skin Science, University of British Columbia
Research into the pathogenesis, etiology, and prevention of skin diseases is limited and Canada lacks comprehensive systems for training high quality researchers in the properties and problems of the skin. As a direct response to the call for increased research training by key skin health stakeholders at the 2004 CIHR Skin Health Research Priorities Workshop, the CIHR Skin Research Training Centre (SRTC) was recently launched. Located at Vancouver General Hospital Department of Dermatology and Skin Science, this $1.8 million CIHR funded venture will provide skin research training to both clinicians and scientists.

Katherine MacDonald

Supervisor: Dr. Megan Levings

Project title: Trans-differentiation of skin-localised T regulatory cells into pro-fibrotic cytokine producing cells in patients with systemic sclerosis

I graduated from University of Victoria with BSc in Microbiology and started PhD in Experimental Medicine with a focus on Immunology and T regulatory cells. My research interests are combining gene and cell therapy for treatment of autoimmunity and transplant rejection and understanding the biology of skin immune cells.

News & Events

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    Highest Rated Oral Presentation Presenter: Rachel Huang
    Poster Scavenger Hunt Winner: Rachel Huang
    Oral Presentation I-clicker Quiz Winner: Jessica Willford

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